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Entergy New Orleans continues to invest in clean, reliable, affordable energy

By Lee Sabatini

Posted April 29, 2022 in News

Entergy New Orleans continues to invest in improving the reliability of its electric and gas infrastructure.

Today, the company has filed its Formula Rate Plan, as required, with the New Orleans City Council outlining upgrades to New Orleans’ electric grid and gas infrastructure. These investments have helped contribute substantially to the New Orleans community by focusing on infrastructure investments and the company’s ability to respond to customers’ expectations.

Entergy New Orleans has installed smart technologies to lessen the impact of outage times for customers, installed equipment to improve grid reliability, and replaced aging gas infrastructure. Through the company’s strategic investments, Entergy New Orleans has made progress in reducing customer interruptions from distribution equipment impacts by more than 38% since 2018.

“We are committed to building a more resilient and sustainable energy future for the customers and communities we serve,” said Deanna Rodriguez, President and Chief Executive Officer of Entergy New Orleans. “The investments we’ve made, and continue to make, are smart, strategic and far-sighted and will benefit customers and our region for decades to come. To support a stronger system, a clean energy future, and create high-quality jobs, we must continue making the investments necessary to increase reliability and resiliency, and make New Orleans a premier city, with a premier utility.”

In today’s FRP filing with the New Orleans City Council, Entergy New Orleans requests approval of a $37 million electric rate increase and $3 million gas rate increase, based on the formula mechanism set by the New Orleans City Council in the 2018 rate case.

The proposed filing is subject to a detailed review over the next few months by the City Council’s Advisors and other interested parties. If the plan is implemented as proposed, customer bills would have an approximate $7.62 monthly impact on electric service and $2.02 monthly impact on gas service beginning in September. Despite this bill impact, Entergy New Orleans continues to maintain energy rates below the national average.

In 2022, Entergy New Orleans plans to invest nearly $165 million on projects to strengthen its electric and gas infrastructure.