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Entergy serves some of the largest and most power intensive industries in the United States. We understand that siting new or expanding industrial facilities can be a complex process. We also understand that reliable and affordable energy plays a major role in predictable business operations and profitability. With that in mind, Entergy established a Business Development Team to provide the comprehensive assistance needed to support your business case within the Entergy region—Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi and Texas.

Entergy Is Your First Resource for Site Selection

We facilitate your decision-making in each phase of the process, from site selection to energy planning and technical engineering to financing—all the way through to ongoing operations. As a major industry serving other major industries, we understand operational and resource complexities. When you contact us, we assign a dedicated team of experts from our Project and Technical Services group to work with you from the moment you begin thinking of opening a new location or expanding your business.

This group is comprised of individuals with diverse skill sets to support the many needs of your company. Our site development, site selection and research services provide you with critical information to aid in choosing the ideal location for your business. After your commercial or industrial site is selected, our Project Management team will develop optimized solutions that support your electrical load addition and reliability requirements.


Comprehensive Support

  • Supplying information about available properties via the Site Selection Center at BuildingsAndSites.com. This comprehensive property database and GIS mapping application is used by real estate agents, economic development professionals, and properties owners to market their industrial and commercial properties.
  • Confidential site selection services using GIS analysis, market research, and local knowledge.
  • Working with communities to identify and assist in developing industrial sites that meet industrial customer requirements.
  • Supplying industry, market and demographic analysis to include workforce availability and supplier proximity.
  • Conducting site evaluation and suitability analysis as well as construction and transportation analysis.
  • Creating static mapping, web app GIS mapping and conceptual site layouts for RFI response and marketing efforts.
  • Providing property and community marketing videos, 360-degree property videos, and ESRI Storymaps.
  • Supporting our communities by running multi-channel marketing campaigns promoting properties across the Entergy region.
  • Developing electrical interconnection requirements to support prompt RFI responses for distribution and transmission block load requests.
  • Providing service alternatives to satisfy customer reliability, schedule and financial constraints.
  • Developing prompt, innovative and cost effective solutions to address power quality sensitivities for our existing large industrial customers.

Is your business relocating or expanding? See how Entergy’s services can help.

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Contract Services

Entergy’s Business Development team works closely with the Entergy Contract Services group to ensure new and expanding customers can make informed decisions on rate design. This team will evaluate your electrical load profile to determine the most favorable rate schedule and identify applicable riders to support the lowest cost utility option for your business. Sample billing can also be developed to approximate monthly customer O&M utility expenses and support financial investment decisions.

Every Industry Covered

The Entergy Business Development team consists of experienced professionals who specialize in relocating and growing these key industries