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Mississippi Qualified Sites

Entergy Mississippi Economic Development Qualified Site Program is designed to assist businesses to go from concept to operations quickly and efficiently. The program combines specific due diligence, accurate cost and timelines along with a demonstrated ability to provide a custom workforce, eliminating the unknown and mitigation much of the risk with a greenfield site.

The Qualified Site Program certifies that in-depth analysis of the property has been completed by professional engineers and other relevant specialist and that the results of such studies are available for review. Projects undertaken on Entergy Qualified Sites are overseen by a Delta Team whose mission is to provide answers, solve problems, streamline processes and remove the red tape that often complicates business location or expansion. Entergy Mississippi provides some of the most competitive rates in the region and works closely with businesses and industry to meet specific needs while controlling cost.

Available qualified sites must be at least 20 contiguous acres capable of supporting a minimum 50,000 square feet of building space. Site development can begin within six months (180 days) of the site being acquired by a prospective company. Qualified sites are under control by the local economic development organization at a specified price. Entergy Mississippi will work as your personal consultant  helping to interface with all relevant experts to provide the information and answers you need. Specified infrastructure services are within 500 feet of the site or local governments have documented their commitment that essential services can and will be provided on a timely basis.

Study Areas- Environmental Hazards, Endangered Species, Wetlands, Cultural Resources, Soil Conditions, Zoning, Floodplain, Infrastructure, Site Ownership, Community Support

Ready to learn more about Entergy Qualified Sites? Learn more about our Qualified Sites program here, or contact a business development expert: Stacy Lester, Project Manager, 601.310.5459, sleste1@entergy.com.

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