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FEUER VP helping to power the world

By Robert Lee, Community Editor, DeSoto Times-Tribune

Posted November 2, 2015 in News

Entergy Economic Development - FEUER VP

Originally Posted on DeSoto Times-Tribune

Marco Illig, Executive Vice President of Operations for FEUER Powertrain North America, Inc., in Robinsonville, calls DeSoto County home, making the short commute to the continental headquarters for his global company that cranks out more than three million crank shafts a year in his native Germany alone.


At the Robinsonville plant, located just a short distance from the DeSoto County line, the expectation is that FEUER Powertrain North America, Inc., will produce about 300,000 crankshafts a year once the plant is up and running.

The 155,000 square-feet facility is located on Casino Drive in Robinsonville in a gleaming, multi-windowed stainless-steel exterior that compliments the glittering casinos which dot the landscape, still littered with unpicked bolls of white gold, cotton, the former major export of the Mississippi Delta.

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