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The Future of Renewable Energy in The Industrial Sector

By Bill Abler, VP Commercial Development & Innovation

Posted November 30, 2016 in Economic Development

While the costs for solar and wind energy have decreased dramatically in the past five years, the number of industrial customers seeking Entergy’s thoughts about renewable energy has increased. Today, it’s easier to add renewables into a company’s energy mix to help control energy costs and/or meet sustainability goals.

Of the renewable options, solar photovoltaics (PV) has had the most rapid growth with more than 10 GW projected for installation in 2016 across the United States, according to Bloomberg New Energy Finance. And utility-scale solar costs are now projected to be less than $1.50/W and could be approaching $1/W over the next several years per recent GTM Research data.

Much of the popularity of solar energy is because it is a plentiful resource in several regions, is easy to permit, and can be constructed quickly, less than a year in many cases, which compares favorably to multi-year permitting and construction cycles for most other types of generation that burn a fossil fuel like natural gas.

While some companies have built their own on-site renewable resource, many have discovered that using their utility as the supplier can have several advantages. Your utility can build larger scale, more cost-effective facilities, has expertise to manage the development and construction, and helps you avoid the large capital investment costs and ongoing maintenance, property taxes, and other issues that can occur with renewable assets.

In Entergy’s four-state region, we have expanded our investments and experience with new solar technologies

The needs of every business are unique, and I encourage our customers and those interested in locating to our region to talk to our team at Entergy about solar and other technologies like battery storage and micro-grids.

We can assist your company in these areas and help you meet your energy management, sustainability, energy reliability, or other goals. Once we better understand your needs, we can work with you and our regulators to develop a solution that takes advantage of the growing options for renewable energy and help your business thrive.