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5 Reasons Why Your Data Center Belongs in the Entergy Region

Posted November 4, 2020 in Economic Development, News, Site Selection

When searching for the perfect location for a data center, your organization must consider and evaluate a multitude of variables. From reliable and abundant power to low business costs, the Entergy Region – consisting of four states: Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi and Texas – features an environment conducive to business growth and development.


5 key reasons why the Entergy Region fits the criteria for your data center location:

  1. Reliable, Redundant and Affordable Power: Entergy’s rates are 20% lower than the national average. Couple that with our membership in the Midcontinent Independent System Operator (MISO), we have the ability and the structure in place to create and provide a competitive rate for data centers. MISO’s day-ahead energy market ensures the lowest cost generation as well as enhanced reliability.
  2. Cost of Doing Business: From a variety of tax exemptions and corporate incentives to access to materials, labor and transportation, our four-state region gives companies a competitive advantage by reducing operating costs.
  3. Cleaner Energy: While our annual electric generation grew by 27% over the past 20 years, our investments in clean energy have resulted in 72% reduction in NOx emissions, 59% reduction in SO2 emissions, 90% reduction in Hg emissions and 25% reduction in CO2 Most recently, Entergy has committed to net-zero carbon emissions by 2050.
  4. Telecommunications Bandwidth: Our region offers a robust telecommunications infrastructure that features multiple carriers to support top tier facilities.
  5. Access to Quality Sites: Strategically designed to ensure expedited development and reduce start-up times, the Entergy Region features properties of all sizes with access to major highways and interstates and in close proximity to other critical infrastructure.

You can determine the right location for your data center by using our Site Selection Center. Utilizing a combination of geographic information system technology (GIS), business analysis and demographic data, the Site Selection Center gives you quick access to available sites and resources.

Along with providing your company with research and market demographics to help you determine the right location for your data center, we can connect you with the key players to ensure your relocation is successful. For years we have worked with local communities and state leadership to connect businesses with tax incentives and financial resources – some specifically designed for data centers.

Our region’s shovel-ready sites are served by Entergy’s infrastructure via the electric power grid, transmission-fed power, onsite substation, fiber availability and bandwidth and water for cooling. Sites near power plant locations decrease the time to serve.

Entergy also offers energy efficiency programs to reduce your operating costs and energy-saving upgrades to keep your energy costs down for years to come.

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