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How Entergy Helps Builders and Developers Strengthen Our Communities

By Tundra Terrell Nunez & Elizabeth Trahan, Builder & Developer Services Project Managers

Posted June 4, 2018 in Economic Development

When a developer is considering a commercial project, such as a strip mall or a residential subdivision, and has a question about providing power or what utility company has the right to serve the project, who can they call? In Louisiana, they can rely on Entergy’s New Construction Services Team.

Often, they don’t need to actually make a phone call, because they’ll see one of Entergy’s Builder and Developer Services Project Managers at many meetings and events throughout the community, including home builder association socials and meetings, building and remodeling shows where project managers volunteer, real estate forecast conferences, chamber meetings, business expos and economic development council luncheons.

The project managers on the New Construction Services team have broad expertise from working in different areas throughout Entergy, so they know a lot about the energy needs and the construction process and standards.  They also know which resources to tap within Entergy to get a project going. And they’re tuned in to the needs of builders and developers, regarding them as partners with Entergy in working to build the local economy and create a beautiful residential and commercial environment.

Some of the ways new construction services managers can help, include:

While the New Construction Service team does provide all of these services, their work pivots around the relationships they form with builders, developers and community leaders. Their support doesn’t begin and end with a project; it’s ongoing. People know they’re glad to help the community whenever and however they can.

On Call in Louisiana:
The Builder & Developer Services Project Managers

Cindy Gordon (North Region) 318-329-5508
Tundra Terrell Nunez (Southeast Region) 225-382-4815
Thomas Chamberlain (Southwest Region) 337-431-6235
Elizabeth Trahan (Capital Region) 225-346-3928