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Entergy Region Delivers the Goods for Warehousing and Distribution

Posted March 24, 2021 in News

When selecting the right location for your warehouse or distribution center, a number of factors are important — proximity to air and water transportation, a first-class rail and highway infrastructure. The Entergy Region — which includes Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi and Texas — supplies all that and more.

“One of the biggest advantages of the Entergy region is the transportation infrastructure in the area,” said Taurus Wright, Senior Business Development Manager for Entergy. “The multimodal connectivity and well-integrated infrastructure serves businesses in all capacities whether by land, air, rail or sea.”

When you factor in reliable power at highly competitive rates from one of America’s leading energy companies and local incentive packages, it all adds up to a business environment that allows your company to efficiently serve your customers. Let’s take a closer look some key reasons why the Entergy Region is the right place to locate your warehouse or distribution center.

Extensive Access to Deepwater Ports

With the world’s largest port system, the Entergy region contains nine deepwater facilities — giving you access to reliable water transportation.

Louisiana is home to six of those deepwater ports, including the Port of New Orleans — one of the most unique multimodal facilities in the United States, combining deep water access with an extensive network of river, rail and roadway connectivity. 

The Mississippi River connects New Orleans and the Port of Memphis. Arkansas and Mississippi contain Mississippi River ports. The East Texas region includes three deepwater ports and is near the Port of Houston.

Proximity to First Class Air Transportation

In today’s fast-moving economy, air transport is more important to your business than ever. In 2020, nearly $1.6 trillion dollars of freight was moved by air in the United States, according to the U.S. Bureau of Transportation Statistics (BTS). By 2040, the BTS projects that figure will grow to more than $4 trillion.

The Entergy Region can support your air transport needs with 24 international and commercial airports. Entergy’s northernmost service territory — which includes Arkansas and Mississippi — is close to the Memphis airport, the world hub for FedEx and a major hub for UPS and the U.S. Postal Service.

Louisiana is home to three international airports and seven commercial airports. Arkansas has two national airports, and Entergy’s East Texas region is close to the George Bush Intercontinental Airport.

Quality Rail and Highway Infrastructure

Ground transportation is also critical to your business. More than 76% of total U.S. freight tonnage moves by truck or rail, according to BTS data.

The Entergy Region has plenty of rail access, with six Class 1 railroads running through it. Louisiana is one of only two states in the U.S. where all six Class 1 railroads converge, and Memphis is one of four U.S. cities with five Class I railroads.

The Entergy Region also boasts 11 major interstate highways for trucking transport. Louisiana has six interstate highways, and New Orleans is within driving access to the entire south. Jackson, Mississippi, is the crossroads of two major interstates connecting Texas to South Carolina, and the Gulf of Mexico to the Great Lakes.

Business Friendly Incentives and Programs

Financial incentives can help reduce your operating costs. Each state in the Entergy Region provides a variety of business tax incentive packages and workforce development programs designed to meet the needs of your company.

One of the many reasons why companies find a competitive advantage when doing business with Entergy is the cost savings. Not only do we have some of the lowest rates in the nation, but Entergy offers companies a variety of ways to save on everyday operation expenses.

Entergy is working hard to offer new, innovative solutions and cost savings programs to business customers. These solutions include our Security Lighting program that helps keep your facilities and employees safe through low cost security lighting upgrade options, and our eTech program that offers rebates and incentives for a variety of warehousing and logistics equipment. This includes incentives of up to $500 per electric forklift and rebates for DC Fast Chargers for electric vehicles.

Availability of Skilled Workers

Looking for skilled workers? The Entergy Region contains a large, diverse and growing population. In addition, Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi and Texas are right-to-work states with trained and skilled workforces for the warehousing and distribution industry.

The Entergy Region offers excellent educational opportunities. There are more than 40 community and technical colleges across the region that have programs geared towards the transportation and material moving industries.

Access to Quality Properties

The Entergy Region features a wide variety of prime locations close to interstate highways and other important infrastructure. 

There is currently nearly 7.8 million square feet of distribution and warehouse space available for sale or lease across the Entergy Region. Our region also contains 95 high-quality sites located within one mile of an interstate. Use Entergy’s Site Selection Center to search for and evaluate available locations.

Your Partner in Reliable Power

Entergy is a Fortune 500 company that delivers affordable and reliable power to 3 million commercial and residential utility customers. With 13,000 employees, we can help you with all your power and business needs.

“Entergy can be a one-stop shop for companies looking to locate in the region,” according to Wright. “We can identify sites, buildings and also help coordinate incentives and other activities such as permitting and workforce data.”

Contact Entergy’s Business Development team today to learn how we can power your business.

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